secure video conferencing solutions

The List of Secure Video Conferencing Solutions

Videoconferencing is an amazingly useful technology that allows team members to meet and discuss projects, no matter where they live or work. However, you may encounter a number of issues, and not all of them are technical in nature.

Video Conferencing as a Modern Business Solution

Video conferencing is a proven technology that brings quantitative and qualitative benefits. To be effective when planning and conducting video conferences, there are a few tips to follow. These can be divided into four areas: planning, setting up the venue, effective meetings, and meeting etiquette. The large font size on graphics is important because, without it, participants will not be able to see the image clearly, even if they try to do so by getting closer to the screen!

Video conferencing requires proper planning in advance, especially if your conferences are for more than a couple of people. The more time you spend planning, the more likely you are to pick the best time. Make sure to account for time zone differences, or you may find that some of your attendees may not join the meeting on time. Also, be sure to include a phone number for the conference in case you need to call someone in case of problems.

High-speed Internet is required to use video conferencing programs. If you have a headset (headphones and microphone), then the interlocutors through the program will only hear you and not hear your household members. Having a camera will let you see. Among the main video conferencing solutions are:

  1. The wide functionality of the free version.
  2. Convenient work with video demonstration and sound.
  3. Simple moderation of all participants: you can turn off the sound for everyone, leaving only the speaker, you can add participants from the waiting room, or vice versa, simplify and allow unregistered users to connect.
  4. Convenient screen sharing.
  5. You can use the connection function from the browser. Convenient connection for participants via the link.

Using the webinar video conferencing platform, you can effectively hold a meeting, presentation, or brainstorming session. The number of participants depends only on the capacity of your tariff, and simultaneous broadcasting is available for ten speakers.

The Most Important Secure Video Conferencing Solutions

A well-executed presentation can help organize video conferences. The key is to keep your PowerPoint presentations simple and interesting. In particular, avoid using small text, avoid clutter, and keep your slides visually appealing. A well-made presentation can streamline calls, stimulate questions, and keep everyone engaged and on task.

What to look for while choosing secure video conferencing solutions?

  • Determine the date and time of the meeting with the participants.
  • Distribute the agenda with the date and time of the meeting.
  • Plan for time zone differences.
  • Reserve appropriate meeting rooms in all locations.
  • List of members and site leaders with phone numbers.
  • Get phone numbers and video numbers in every room.
  • Confirm network and bridge availability (if necessary).
  • Prepare visual aids.

Surely you have already discussed, formulated, and fixed the rules for holding video meetings with a permanent composition of participants. But it will not be superfluous to periodically review them, changing something to improve efficiency, firstly, because most of the usual meetings and real communication were ineffective. And secondly, technical barriers and distance were added. Based on the experience of working with distributed international teams, conducting remote training, and participating in webinars, as well as on the ideas of colleagues.